Buy Local




Why Buy Local??  

When we by local, a number of things happen... number one... we support our neighbors. This, in and of itself, has a multi-facet effect, creating employment and food security close to home.  Buying local also means that you're eating food that has traveled the shortest possible distance, and therefore the loss of nutrients from your food is minimized. So, two... you nourish your body with the highest quality food. 

It also allows you to know the farmer that brought food to your table. Want to know how your broccoli is grown? Just ask your farmer.  Three... it sends an important message to the powers that be! Where we spend our grocery dollars is our vote for the future of our food.  Where will you put your vote?


For more information on Buy Local NB, to find farmers markets or other local businesses in your area, visit the Buy Local NB website at